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About the Andeerssons
About the Anderssons

We who let the cottages are Snickar Mats and Maria Andersson. Snickar is an old farm name that is inherited in accordance to typical Dalecarlian tradition. In the 70s Mats worked with service professions as an innkeeper at the hotel Olarsängen (now Olarsgården) in Sälen. During a spring break in the early 80’s Maria (née Sjögren) arrived there as a leader of an alpine skiing group. We got married on Ascension Day 1983 and soon moved to our self-built house in Malung where we still live. So far we have been blessed with three children and a bunch of grandchildren.

Local business

Since the early 1980s, we in the Andersson family have run various service-related businesses in the Malung-Sälen municipality in western Dalecarlia. This includes such as catering, running a gas station and trading with frosen berries.

Building houses

We started building our first rental cottage, the one in Gruven, together with local craftsmen in 1989. The cottage on Sälfjällstangen (aka Tangen) was built ten years later, in 1999. Practically all material for the houses is locally produced. All wood for the buildings comes from our own forest. Likewise a large part of the interior of the cottages is handmade by local, skilled craftsmen. Hence, as far as possible, we have based the cottages with materials and furnishings with consideration for the environment. Our houses in Gruven and Tangen are geothermally heated.

Private and personal

We in the Andersson family have chosen to remain private, small-scale and personal as landlords. Thanks to that there are no costly or anonymous intermediaries. We ourselves make sure that everything works as it should in and around the houses. It is important to us that our guests thrive and that we have a personal relationship with our tenants. Therefore, we choose not to have an automatic booking. We hope and believe that our guests appreciate the human contact.

THAT is what this is all about 😉 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are wholeheartedly welcome to us


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